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Feeling heavy, misguided and unsure which way to proceed?  Reset your life with the Adventure into Ascension weekly guidance.  This is a one month subscription.

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Feeling heavy, misguided and unsure which way to proceed?  Reset your life with the weekly guidance.   Through song, energy clearing, Reiki and lots of laughter, Caithe records your personal healing guidance message.  This  includes clearing questions and a guided healing session (4-5 minutes in length).  This energy will be then sent remotely each day to reinforce your healing.

The Reset your Life (Adventure into Ascension – or AIA subscription) provides you with individual recordings for four weeks. 

 You can listen to the free healing and energy clearing messages  by:

  • visiting the Celticai website when the broadcast goes live on Mixlr
  • or joining us in the chatroom on Mixlr
  • or listening to the archive.

By downloading the free Dropbox software, you are automatically updated with your audio message.  There is also a private group on Facebook where we discuss and share.


  • Sacha Sampson says:

    I love Caithe! Her innate ability to connect with what I need in the moment is beyond words. I always listen to the message more than once and use it as a guide for my self healing. My reiki journey has deepened beyond words since connecting with Caithe on a weekly basis. I recommend this weekly service if you feel like you are needing to enhance your journey or go that bit deeper in your healing work. It’s truly magic. Thank you Sensei Caithe – you rock!! Namaste <3 xxx

  • Eda Fey says:

    Caithe has a unique gift that is so special , I am so grateful to her for her guidance and spot on messages that I receive. She uses her many gifts of healing, spirit talk, psychic abilities, reiki, and of course her spirit guide that is hilarious and informative among other forms of communication to bring the highest truth and wisdom for your souls growth. I love her and I am honored to connect with her in her weekly messages she offers. I love you Caithe

  • Elizabeth Munro says:

    These weekly messages have been an absolute blessing in my life. From the practical to spiritual advice given to me in the last four years, I have been able to grow into being a better human and have a better understanding of myself and my path on this planet. I recommend them to everyone who wants to grow 🙂

  • Isabelle Janicaud says:

    The messages, energy and healings i receive from the AiA subscriptions have become a huge part of how I choose to live my life, how I react, even how I prepare.. Every week, I am now aware of the energies around me, and how to work with or around them. Caithe is a very special person, with amazing gifts that she whole-heartedly shares with me/ us. Genuine, good-hearted and loving, Caithe helps me through everything via these messages.
    The camaraderie and kinship of the group is a sacred gift that i cherish.
    I recommend this to everyone.
    Eternally grateful.

  • Jackie says:

    Caithe, you have amazing, beautiful energy and an infectious sense of humor. I have been receiving your gift of weekly messages for about two years and the guidance you provide has been so very profound for me. THANK YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! The anticipation of your her messages can be equated to that of the feeling a child has at Christmas. It’s exciting and the guidance you share has been extremely profound for my life and living. I walk through anything with much more joy and ease. Your messages assist greatly with what I use to perceive as “road blocks”. Since receiving your messages I no longer perceive them as “blocks” as I walk through them much quicker and with more joy and ease. Often times I am even able to “divert” some of the not so pleasant experiences because of the energies, guidance & clearings you provide. I have much gratitude for your gifts and guidance you provide. Love and light to you and your work. <3

  • Toni Costanzo says:

    Receiving these weekly AIA Messages have Truly Been a Bright Blessing in my life! Caithe is a Beautiful Gifted Angel sharing her intuitive Guidance from Spirit with humor and Divine Love. I have been so honored receiving these valuable messages for years now and will absolutely continue to do so. I write this review not to be taken lightly. If anyone reading these words are on the fence about connecting with this amazing woman Know she is the real deal. I write this freely from my Heart? for she has a Very Special Place there and I am forever Grateful for Our Loving Connection!

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