Energetic Calendar for 2018

Your Energetic Calendar – Gain insight into 2018 and be prepared to take action!

Receive a 12-month calendar forecast for 2018 which includes a monthly:

¨ Crystal energy

¨ Goddess Energy

¨ Energetic Ratings

¨ Intuitive Message

¨ Clearing Question

Energise 2018 with an Energetic Calendar

This energetic calendar creates a guide for the universal energies of the calendar year. Information was intuitively received through a combination of spirit speak, tarot and dowsing. Allow yourself to be supported by the monthly crystals and Goddess energy. The moon phases (full and new) are referenced for each month including their zodiac influence. The Calendar also includes:
* Australian public holidays and observances
* Wiccan Sabbats and esbats – full moon and new moon
* School terms for Australia and New Zealand.

Sample page – January 2018

Purchase of this calendar also places you onto the lunar crystal grids and daily Reiki send – with your permission.

A unique and yet practical creation to help you align, allow and assist the energies of each month.

Purchase your Universal or Individualised Energetic Calendar for 2018 below

Purchase a digital copy of the Universal Energetic Calendar HERE for only $8

Purchase a digital INDIVIDUALISED Energetic Calendar HERE for only $35-  a download link will be emailed to you once the calendar has been created.

Printed INDIVIDUALISED Energetic Calendars are available also.  Please contact me for an invoice.  Printed calendars are $45 + $10 postage.

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