Celticai Publishing

Celticai Studio is honoured to be an independent publisher.  Most items are only available in limited amounts.

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Titles currently available


Only available to Australian residents as postage costs are too high for international clients.

Shugyo – 21 Day Reiki Journal (2013) – for Reiki Attunement Integration

Reiki Rolls – facilitating energy transmission and distance healing

Pendulum Playtime – Module One (2011)

Spirit Speak and Other Weird Noises (2012)

A Wiccan’s Walk in Oz: Perspectives from the Southern Hemisphere (2015) – Rebecca Major and Caithe Cameron

5 Steps from Doormat to Doorkeeper (2014)


PDF version only

Creating a Vision Board; A Conscious Creation Process (2016)



Elemental Goddess Meditation CD (2013)– Featuring the music of Renieca. Meditations channelled and spoken by Caithe Cameron

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If you wish to order or make a query, please contact us first. New bookings are being taken from September 2018. Dismiss