Elemental Goddess Meditation CD

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Caithe’s meditations are regularly broadcast on the online radio station –  Reflect Radio.  Guided to create a series of meditations for connecting with nature through the four elements, four corresponding Goddess energies quickly stepped forward saying: “Meditate with ME!” 

Meet the Goddesses – Arianrhod, Aphrodite, Rhiannon and Pele. Each Goddess shares her story for you to understand her energy and her gifts. This is followed by a short meditation connecting with the Element and then a longer meditation connecting with the Elemental  Goddess.

These meditations are created for the busy person – each only five to ten minutes in length.  Make your day magical by connecting with the Elemental Goddess within.   Namasté      

Digital Download link

To preview the tracks and/or purchase a digital download version of the CD – please visit  – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/caithecameronthecelticmy3

Meditations available

1. Arianrhod’s Story (Air)

2. Air Meditation (Air)

3. Arianrhod’s Meditation (Air)

4. Rhiannon’s Story (Earth)

5. Earth Meditation (Earth)

6. Rhiannon’s Meditation (Earth)

7. Pele’s Story (Fire)

8. Fire Meditation (Fire)

9. Pele’s Meditation (Fire)

10. Aphrodite’s Story (Water)

11. Water Meditation (Water)

12. Aphrodite’s Meditation (Water)

  Total Playing Length: 77.77 mins

 With much love and gratitude to the beautiful Composer and Pianist – Renieca.  Her CD – What  Comes Around – is     available on iTunes. 

“Love this… as I am transformed from everyday challenges to a tranquility and peace only the warmth and wisdom our earth and her flora and fauna can impart.”

“Breathtaking music and imagery, a place of healing and growth that comes alive..Elemental magic!”

“Its just full of depth, rich in tone & gorgeous.”

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