What is Palmistry?

Palmistry studies the fingers, thumbs, palm and wrists of a person analysing one (or more) of these four life aspects:



Life Journey


The science and art of Palmistry is as old as the human race itself.

Decoding the secrets of hand shapes, the mounts and ridges, the nails and line characteristics reach reveal  something about who we are.

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A Palmistry Consultation should only be viewed as a diagnostic tool.  It points out the forces that are at work in an individual’s life and creates an opportunity to create and generate the reality that you desire.

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Celticai Palmistry consultations include:

Life, Heart, Head and Fate lines
Minor Lines
Fingers and Thumb characteristics


Ordering a Consultation

A variety of reading styles to suit the occasion and the client ~ All readings are available in person or remotely.

In-person Readings are $1.00 AUD per minute.

You are welcome to bring a digital recorder to your consultation time.

For remote readings, I require:

Clear photographs or scans of your entire hands
Your date of birth

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Which one for me?

15 minutes – a brief overview of current and influential energies; Great for one question readings.

30 minutes – an opportunity to seek more information on current and influential energies

60 minutes – An in-depth reading that explores both past and present energies and offers healing suggestions to guide your path.

90 minutes – A comprehensive reading for past and present energies with healing suggestions.

All consultations are private and confidential

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If you wish to order or make a query, please contact us first. New bookings are being taken from September 2018. Dismiss