Reiki Power of Three


There is tremendous healing in three consecutive healing sessions. With the Reiki Power of Three, you choose whether you wish to focus on yourself, your family or mix and match. Using intuition, spiritual insight and Reiki, Caithe creates healing grids suited for you and your situation. After each individual session, Caithe emails a short report for your reference and understanding. The Reiki Power of Three!  Normally, three sessions would cost $120. Caithe offers The Reiki Power Of Three for only $80.00

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Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers.  As a Reiki Master and Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner (Reiki Australia Member #519), I can facilitate the wonderful healing properties of Reiki to any person, object or experience over any time or distance.

During the Reiki Power of Three, I assist the Divine Healing Energy to flow easily and instantly through you or your family.  This process does not draw on my personal energy.  Instead, sending to multiple ‘receivers’ at one time is an energising and healing experience for myself!

I do not require a photograph to complete the Reiki Power of Three.  A name – and your intention to receive – is all that is required.

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