Second Degree Reiki

The Journey Deepens

The acquisition of knowledge in the spirit of love for the joy of becoming who we truly are.

Second degree hand

 Second Degree Reiki is offered over two 5 hour workshops, which will be presented 7 days apart. 

Students may contact their Reiki Master  for support  both during and after their workshop.

A third day is also nominated in case we need the extra time.

 Cost:  $350

If you are already attuned to Second Degree Reiki (and can submit certified copies of your certificates), you can complete a refresher course for $250.

If you did not complete Reiki First Degree with Reiki for Everyday Living, please submit certified copies of your First Degree certificates to prove your attunements.

Cost includes a $50 non-refundable deposit (this covers the cost of our printing manuals and worksheets)

 Bookings essential – use the Contact Me tab to discuss your application. 

 Course materials include:  Second Degree Reiki Manual, workshop handouts, notebook/journal and Certificate of Attainment

What do you need to bring?  BYO lunches, a sense of humour and a desire to learn and expand through Reiki.

(After paying your deposit, payment can be made in two installments of $150, or you may contact your Reiki Master/Teachers to make alternative arrangements.  No certificates will be issued until full payment is received.)

6 students per class only.

May your Reiki Journey be filled with Love, Healing and Joy


Course Content and Assessment

Day One: In the first session, students will receive one Second Degree Reiki attunement.  Students will receive three traditional Reiki symbols (along with one additional symbol widely utilized within the Reiki community) and will be provided with training in the application and use of these symbols.  Students will give a distant healing treatment under supervision.  Students will then have 7 days to practice correctly forming the symbols and will be required to complete two distant healing sessions.  These sessions should be documented by the student, and the recipients invited to offer feedback after the initial treatment.  Students will be encouraged to keep a Reiki Journal to record their experiences.

 We request all students commit to giving themselves a self-healing treatment every day for a minimum of 21 days.

 Day Two: In the second session, students will receive training in additional Reiki Treatment Formats. Students will receive guidance in clinical procedures and will practice collating and storing accurate client records.   Students will practice a hands on Mental/Emotional healing treatment on each other under supervision.   Students will be asked to complete 2 hands on Mental/Emotional healing sessions within 14 days. These sessions should be documented by the student, and the recipients invited to offer feedback after the initial treatment. Students will be encouraged to continue to record their experiences in their Reiki Journal.  Students will also be asked to demonstrate the ability to accurately form Reiki symbols from memory.

Optional:  Students may remain for one hour after class to watch (and participate in) a demonstration of the Chelation Energy Treatment, an additional treatment format introduced by Australian Reiki Master AJ Mackenzie Clay.

NB  All requested student documentation must be submitted and competence demonstrated in the forming of Reiki symbols from memory before Certificate of Attainment will be issued.

Professional Supervision and additional one-on-one training is available to students upon request.

Cost:  $20 per hour

bookings are essential.

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