First Degree Reiki

The Journey Begins 

First Degree


By discovering Reiki, learning and applying the energy given, you are embracing part of the Divine seeking to   restore the harmony, light and beauty of your true self.

Prepare for a journey of self-discovery, a personal sojourn to find the truth of all things.  From now on, life will   never be quite the same.

First Degree is offered over two 6 hour workshops,  presented 7 days apart.

Students are encouraged to contact their Reiki Masters  for support  both during and after their workshop.

If you are already attuned to First Degree Reiki (and can submit certified copies of your certificates), you can complete a refresher First Degree Reiki for $150.

Cost includes a $50 non-refundable deposit (this covers the cost of our printing manuals and worksheets)

 Bookings essential – use the Contact Me tab to discuss your application. 

 Course materials include:  First Degree Reiki Manual, workshop handouts, notebook/journal and Certificate of Attainment

What do you need to bring?  BYO lunches, a sense of humour and a desire to learn and expand through Reiki.

(After paying your deposit, payment can be made in two installments of $100, or you may contact your Reiki Master/Teachers to make alternative arrangements.  No certificates will be issued until full payment is received.)

Course Content and Assessment

Day One : In the first session, students learn about  the history and uses of Reiki.  The first 2 of 4 First Degree Reiki attunements will be given.   Students will learn meditation and breathing techniques associated with Reiki.   Students are expected to complete a self treatment under supervision.

Students will then have 7 days to practice self healing and are encouraged to keep a Reiki Journal to document their experiences. Students are encouraged to undertake their chosen exercise for the 21 days of attunement integration and to record their experiences in their Reiki Journal.

Day Two : In the second session, students learn further about energy, the chakras and other energetic concepts.  They receive the second 2 of 4 attunements for First Degree. Students  practice a hands on healing treatment on each other under supervision.

Students are encouraged to continue their Reiki Journal to document their experiences.  To attain certification, you are asked to complete 2 hands on healing sessions within 14 days. These sessions should be documented by the student including feedback from the recipient. Students are encouraged to continue their chosen exercise for the 21 days of attunement integration and to record their experiences in their Reiki Journal.

We request all students commit to giving themselves a self-healing treatment every day for a minimum of 21 days.

NB  All requested student documentation must be submitted within the given time frames.  Once competence and confidence is established your Certificate of Attainment will be issued.


May your Reiki Journey be filled with Love, Healing and Joy

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