Online Intuitive Development Circle – An Introduction

Are you looking for an introduction to intuitive development?

Have you been yearning or looking for a course presented in a fun and informal way?

Online Intuitive Development Circle – An Introduction

This 7 week course provides an introduction to the chakras and their links to your intuitive sensing abilities.  During each class, you will receive information and activities to balance the corresponding chakra and intuitive sensing.

Everyone is intuitive.  Most people have shut down their extra-sensory abilities due to everyday life and living.  Develop your intuitive muscles and understand the link between your mind, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and intentions.

No previous experience necessary

Online Intuitive Development Circle – An Introduction

Class Duration – 7 weeks

Each Monday morning at 10.30am (Brisbane, Queensland Australia Time), the class will go to air in a private online meeting (a link will be sent to registrants).  Enrolled participants are welcome to join in for discussion and activities.

Class dates

Base Chakra – Monday, 9th October

Sacral Chakra – Monday, 16th October

Solar Plexus Chakra – Monday, 23rd October

Heart Chakra – Monday, 30th October

Throat Chakra – Monday, 9th October

Third Eye Chakra – Monday, 7th November

Crown Chakra – Monday, 14th November

If you are unable to watch the live broadcast, video recordings will be available within the archive.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions whether that happens within the Online Intuitive Development Circle or via email afterwards.

Cost: $35 AUD per person

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