Reset your Life – Adventure into Ascension

Feeling heavy, misguided and unsure which way to proceed?  Reset your life with the Adventure into Ascension weekly guidance.  This is an ongoing monthly subscription.

Through song, energy clearing, Reiki and lots of laughter, Caithe records your personal healing guidance message.  This  includes clearing questions and a guided healing session (4-5 minutes in length).  This energy will be then sent remotely each day to reinforce your healing.

The Reset your life (Adventure into Ascension – or AIA subscription) provides you with individual recordings for four weeks. 

You can listen to the free healing and energy clearing messages  on Reflect Radio.

By downloading the free Dropbox software, you are automatically updated with your audio message.  There is also a private group on Facebook where we discuss and share.  If you are unsure how to use Dropbox, Caithe is happy to help you sort it out.

Through remote Reiki practices,holistic healing energy is delivered in the perfect amounts needed for your healing  journey on a weekly basis.

Monthly Payment (for four emails including links to individual audio messages) : Only $30 AUD

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time from the PayPal website.  Your healing transmissions will continue to be sent for the remainder of the month’s balance. * Dropbox is a free file-sharing account that will allow you to receive your audio message.  You will need to login with the email address that you use to subscribe to this service.

S Sampson (AU) – February 24, 2014: I love Caithe! Her innate ability to connect with what I need in the moment is beyond words. I always listen to the message more than once and use it as a guide for my self healing. My reiki journey has deepened beyond words since connecting with Caithe on a weekly basis. I recommend this weekly service if you feel like you are needing to enhance your journey or go that bit deeper in your healing work. It’s truly magic. Thank you Sensei Caithe – you rock!! Namaste

Are you ready to Reset your Life? Yes? Then join with me on an Adventure into Ascension!

Please note this is a subscription.  If you wish to trial Reset Your Life for one month, please visit the eShop

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