The Cameron Christmas Chronicle 2017

Since 2002                   Written by your favourite Cameron’s                        18th December, 2017

Bright blessings to you and your kin

It’s Christmas Time

Let the Cameron Chronicles begin!

A year of “Everything”, 2017 has been

 But we will try

To Highlight all we’ve done and seen.

The QANTAS lounge is now a second home

As we have travelled

From Qld aerodrome to aerodrome

Twice to Mackay for family and band

To see all the Camerons

Cos’ it’s great to catch-up; you’ll understand!

Then this December, to Townsville we flew

To celebrate

Michelle & Matt’s engagement; with the crew.

Caithe drove her Mum, sister and niece

To Rockhampton

Just glad to arrive safely, in one piece!

While in Rockhampton, it was lovely to see

The Keillors

~ Owen and Ruth & his thriving family

(Especially seeing as Ruth was told she wouldn’t see much of 2017.  The Myeloma is in remission! *flailing Kermit arms*)

Lex went on a Band Trip, we know what happens there

Duncan, Dave and Lex –

Playing (up) in Mackay and Rockhampton square.

Of course, The Clan rehearsed and performed for all

At Boondooma,

Mackay, Maclean & a concert at Wamuran Hall.

At JB Hi-Fi, Alex is now permanently employed

And Jacki had

Successful lap band surgery; we were overjoyed!

While in May, Haydn & Jasmine pronounced

That in February 2018

A new little Cameron would be announced.

In September, we decided to splurge on a FitBit

To monitor our steps

And compete against each other (although it’s not something we admit)

We’ve stepped and we’ve waved our arms around

To bemuse security monitors

And get that golden record of steps equalling 10 000!

Caithe’s heartrate when sky-high in November; she felt feverish

To only find out

She had Ross River fever and had been eating too much liquorice (seriously!)

She organised 30 ladies to go on a Retreat

At Camp Duckadang

For a weekend of Soul Empowerment – no easy feat.

Just before Christmas, on the twenty-first

We’ll have a party

For Caithe’s Mum’s 90th – to celebrate & converse.

With family and friends from far & wide

It’s lovely to

Acknowledge this milestone by her side.

Lex’s Dad, Alex, also arrives that day

We’ll keep him busy

With mulching & mischief during his stay.

Lex is now a Rail Safety Systems Manager

At Queensland Rail

With travel, tasks and investigations – it’s all a blur

Lex finished his Training & Assessment Certificate 4

He’s on a wee break

He’s found training and study is not such a chore!

In August 2018. We plan to travel overseas

To explore Scotland

To an even deeper and longer degree. Yippee!

Caithe’s work with the Celtic Mystic Market

Took her all

Over Queensland, for laughter and profit.

We lost some loved ones during the year

Sprinkling the year

With sadness, memories and tears.

As we look over 2017, when all is said and done

With only four weekends at home

We certainly toured & travelled while having lots of fun.

Simple joys, little pleasures,

Laughter and smiles in big measures.

Friends, family, togetherness, love…

The choicest blessings from above

Peace, prosperity and happiness too…

All these and more are our wishes for you!

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