Aries Full Moon ~ October 2017

━═★ Full Moon Blessings ★═━

The Full Moon in Aries on 6th October 2017 (4.40am, Brisbane Time).  Full Moons are also energetically connected to the previous New Moon’s goals, dreams and plans.  What did you put into motion two weeks ago?  This full moon brings an opportunity to heal and/or harvest what was sown.

It will particularly affect those who have Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Libra in their natal chart.

━═★ What does that mean for you? ★═━

Generally, when the Moon is in the sign of Aries, it is suitable energy for new beginnings all round.  Be aware that projects, ideas and communications started at this time usually have a limited life span.  Change will occur rapidly as the Aries’ battering ram comes into play.

As the ‘infant’ of the Zodiac, it’s all about matters of self and personality development.

You may be feeling as if you are in the Quickening (remember The Highlander Movie?) – where your energy-sensing equipment is in overload.  Be conscious of your need for freedom.  You may find yourself reacting instinctively to people and situations (note that anger and perfectionistic streaks will be enhanced over this period).

Give yourself opportunities to know yourself better yet balance this with finding new ways of serving your family, friends and community.  You may feel urges to renew connections, create change or finally ‘see the light’ at the end of the tunnel.

Just remember with The Quickening energy, explosive anger and frustration may put you back into victim mode ~ be aware, choose well.  May the force BE you.

━═★ What can you do to align with this energy? ★═━

  • Start something you have perceived as challenging! Aim for short–term projects during the Aries Full Moon as your focus may be short–lived.
  • Begin a new exercise regime or try something totally different from your normal routines.
  • In the garden, this is an optimum time for garden maintenance and soil preparation.
  • Move your furniture around or at least, try a new placement of an object ‘stuck in rut’. Clean your stove, microwave, fireplace, firepit or cauldron.
  • Try some active relaxation – a nice walk, a boat ride, bowling or even going out shopping with friends.
  • Speak up on behalf of yourself (even if your knees are shaking), for a loved one or a worthy cause.
  • Write a list of all frustrations, fears and heavy emotions inside of you. Light a candle and safely burn the list. Let these emotions go consciously and lovingly.
  • Examine your relationships – are you a doormat, the dominator or an equal? If you had a clean slate and a new start, who or what would you be?
  • Create with gusto – get out your crafting tools and explore texture, pattern and colour courageously.

━═★ Aries Moon of Action ★═━

I have been knocked down – Left, broken, on the ground.

Here I stand, ready to do my part.  Mind cleared, a courageous heart.

Shoulders back, eyes heavenward; Head held high in truth – my sword

To vanquish fears and slay self–hate; Ever searching for the Ascension Gate.

During this, the Aries Moon, Please grant my desired boon.

━═★ Suitable Crystals for Gridding ★═━

If you are gridding, suitable crystals to work with this Full Moon include: ruby, sardonyx, diamond, bloodstone, red jasper, amethyst, datolite, emerald, green ruby zoisite, magnetite, citrine, apache tears, fire agate, aquamarine, crocoite, magnesite or garnet.

━═★ Aries Magick ★═━

With its association with the element of Fire, Aries Moon energy is a perfect time to buy or bless any magickal tools involving blades or objects you associate with Fire.

The Aries Full Moon is beneficial for

  • Invoking energy
  • Attracting/ developing courage
  • Building warrior energy
  • Boldness to overcome obstacles, competition and challenges
  • Healing depression, inertia, self–sabotage.

━═★ Free Healing Event ★═━

This healing list is FREE for any and all who wish to receive Reiki flow over the 72 hours commencing 15th October 2016. Although I feel this grid will be attuned to provide a ‘kick-start’ to new ideas/projects and staying power for those who are feeling ‘blah’, each person will receive what they require.  You can indicate your willingness to receive by clicking on this link:

┊┊ <3 ~ Caithe •* <3  *•♫

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