Aquarius Full Moon – August 2017

━═★ Full Moon Blessings ★═━

The Full Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, August 8th 2017 has its zenith at 4.10am (Brisbane Time, Australia).

Those who have Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius as their sun signs or ascendants will feel this full moon particularly.  Full Moons are energetically connected to the previous New Moon’s goals, dreams and plans.  What did you put into motion two weeks ago?  This full moon brings an opportunity to heal and/or harvest what was sown.

During this full moon, we will experience a partial lunar eclipse on 7th August.  Regions seeing, at least, some parts of the eclipse: Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, Africa, East in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

━═★ What does that mean for you?★═━

This Full Moon is a partial Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar eclipse is an especially potent lunation — in this case a potent Full Moon. Lunar eclipses are relationship-oriented. The “crisis” that these eclipses tend to elicit is a crisis of lack–a time when we suddenly realize a great need or want. The impact of the crisis can act to sever a relationship–it’s possible. But it can also bring two people together with a sudden awareness of a great need for each other. Although Lunar eclipses are more relationship-oriented than Solar eclipses, they are not always about relationships between two people. They can trigger awareness of need in other areas of our lives, such as our relationship to work, to our health and bodies, and so forth. This is a time when matters come to light–things that have been brewing under the surface.

Relationships may be challenged, broken, or strengthened dramatically at this time. Our discovery is emotionally charged and dramatic. Epiphanies are likely at this time as we become acutely aware of our lack. This understanding can propel us into positive action.

━═★ Appropriate Releasing Ceremony ★═━

If you feel led to complete a ceremony for this Full Moon, a suggestion is provided for you.  Simplify or enhance the ceremony as feels right for you.


  • A candle – Aquarius colours are blues, greens, purple, yellow-gold, white
  • A holder or bowl to hold the candle. A bowl of dirt/sand is ideal.
  • One or three crystals from the Gridding list. I would personally recommend amethyst, garnet or clear quartz


If you are able to be outside under the moonlight or whether you must stay indoors, choose a safe place to light your candle.

Set your intention to receive only that which is healing and beneficial.  Light your candle.  Deepen your breath as slowly and easily as your body allows.

Aquarius energy is Air energy.  Imagine that you are outside in space where you can FEEL the currents of air that swirl through the sky.  Give yourself time to imagine and feel this space.

A kite appears before you.  Written on the kite are the words: Let Go.

If you feel led, use this connection to think of those things that you wish to let go, release and distance yourself from.  As each item is imagined, see it as a ribbon which you can tie to the kite’s tail.

When you have completed the tying of ribbons, imagine flying that kite so that it goes far into the atmosphere.  Imagine that the energy of the Aquarius Moon takes hold of your kite and draws it into its luminous light.  The kite is transformed into a beautiful white bird which shares its song with you.

As you allow the bird to sing to you, listen to your own environment and all the birdsong which fills this space.  These are the Messengers of the Moon and they share the beauty of this connection with you.

When you feel that the birdsong has finished, acknowledge the Moon and the helpful energies.  Express your thankfulness.

Gently blow out your candle.  You may wish to write in your journal.

Practical suggestions for using this energy wisely:

  • Expand your social networks and your comfort zone – join a new group, class or club.
  • Be a little ‘radical’ in your outlook today! Play with energy – research ways of creating your own reality.
  • Your community needs YOU – get out there and help: practically, energetically and physically.
  • Make a list of your talents, abilities and interests in your journal or a piece of paper – create a mandala for personal focus during meditation.
  • Choose a new incense; fly a kite – play with the element of Air.
  • Explore Astrology and The Tarot as divination and self–development tools.
  • Perform maintenance on your computer – clear the cookies, defrag the system, reorganise your files.
  • In the garden, this moon is ideal for general maintenance, harvesting, weeding and pest control.
  • Pump up your cardio–vascular system by going for an energising walk or run.

━═★ Suitable Crystals for Gridding ★═━

If you are gridding, suitable crystals to work with this Aquarius energy include:

amber, amethyst, angelate, blue obsidian, boji stone, cryolite, garnet, hematite, lithium quartz, magnetite, merlinite, rainforest jasper.

━═★ Aquarius Moon Dreaming Energy ★═━

Aquarius Full Moon– Allow my individuality to be truthful:

Diminish the resistance that comes from within

Bring together, with ease and joy, what is beneficial

And releasing that which is better to partition

May all my intentions be heard and let them harm none.

━═★ Aquarius Magick ★═━

When the Moon is in Aquarius, people work collectively towards truth and balance.  The potential of individuals, community and causes is highlighted.  Seek to combine all the ‘droplets’ contributing to the holistic flow of time, space and dimension.  \

The Aquarius Moon is a perfect time to buy or bless any magickal tools involving besoms, athames or other objects you associate with Air.

The Aquarius Full Moon is beneficial for magick concerning:

  • Releasing old ties, friendships and partnerships
  • Seeking clarity and organisation
  • Releasing unproductivity
  • Discovering ties, threads and commonalities
  • Attracting a new muse or connecting with an existing one
  • Strengthening a sense of self and integrating new skills
  • Developing psychic abilities.

━═★ Aquarius Full Moon Healing Event ★═━

This healing list is FREE for any and all who wish to receive a Reiki (balancing energy) flow over the 72 hours of this distance healing event. The beauty of a healing event is that there is no need to ATTEND, only INTEND to benefit.

A Full Moon Healing event uses the energies of the full moon to help further personal and spiritual development. The easiest way to remember energetic healing is that it requires your permission. I have a crystal grid set up and the energy is programmed to be sent to and received by any who wish to receive.

Receiving the healing energy simply requires your permission.

You can do this by stating: I allow and receive all the healing energy I require to benefit my life and living.

Simple, yes?

You may choose to take the healing energies of the Full Moon this further by:

  • sitting in the moonlight and meditating
  • creating their own crystal grid
  • writing in their journal
  • looking after their own body – water, sleep and recreation
  • finding ways to express themselves
  • encouraging themselves to be aware.

To join the Aquarius Full Moon healing event, visit the event HERE.

May the Full Moon’s blessings be yours.

┊┊ <3 ~ Caithe •*♫

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