Capricorn Full Moon – July 2017

━═★ Full Moon Blessings ★═━

The Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, July 9th 2017 has its zenith at 2:06 pm (Brisbane Time, Australia).  Those who have Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn as their sun signs or ascendants will feel this new moon particularly.

Full Moons are energetically connected to the previous New Moon’s goals, dreams and plans.  What did you put into motion two weeks ago?  This full moon brings an opportunity to heal and/or harvest what was sown.

━═★ What does that mean for you? ★═━

You may feel as tense as coiled up spring, intense frustration and feeling like ‘nothing is going as planned’.  There will be a feeling of just ‘one thing after another’ causing you to throw your hands up in the air and scream ‘WTF’???

Rather than buying into the Universal ‘tightness’, this Full Moon three-day period is ideal to break through the energy.  Goals, dreams, desires and requirements will be your focus.  Since the Universal energies are not playing your game at the moment, you need to be the opposite.  Be the flow.  Accept that what is happening right now as just a moment, a blip and that, it too shall pass.

Instead, use this time to re-evaluate and refine your goals.  Re-do your vision board. Check your to-do lists and then step back.  Use these three days to nourish YOU.  You’ve been working hard and with the battering ram energy of this Full Moon, it’s time to be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others.

Over-reaction is the key word to understand this energy.  Due to frustration levels, emotions will be running high.  Endeavour to recognise when you are only responding to the Full Moon and remove yourself from those people who are triggering you.  This Full Moon appears to encourage you to ‘shelter from the storm’ and wait for a brighter time to make your move.

━═★ Appropriate Releasing Ceremony ★═━

If you feel led to complete a ceremony for this Full Moon, a suggestion is provided for you.  Simplify or enhance the ceremony as feels right for you.


  • A candle – white, green or dark blue are ideal
  • A holder or bowl to hold the candle. A bowl of dirt/sand is ideal.
  • One or three crystals from the Gridding list. I would personally recommend tiger eye, smoky quartz and clear quartz


If you are able to be outside under the moonlight or whether you must stay indoors, choose a safe place to light your candle.

Set your intention to receive only that which is healing and beneficial.  Light your candle.  Deepen your breath as slowly and easily as your body allows.

Capricorn energy is Earth energy.  Allow your bare feet to touch the ground (or visualise yourself standing on the ground).  Imagine the energy of the Earth rising up and channelling through your body.  This energy may be any colour that feels right to you ~ a mixture of red, blue, green and brown always appeals to me (the colours of the landscape).

On the Moon’s surface, imagine an image/symbol that represents what you are wishing to bring into your life.

Allow the Earth energy to flow up and through your body until it flow up to the Moon and further.  See it enhancing, stimulating and encouraging your Moon image/symbol.

On your next breath, feel the Moon’s energy completing the cycle of energy.. flowing down into your body, through every bone, tissue and cell and then back into the Earth.

You may wish to visualise that cycle of energy another two times.

When you feel that the cycle has finished, acknowledge the Moon and the helpful energies.  Express your thankfulness.

Gently blow out your candle.  You may wish to write in your journal.

Practical suggestions for using this energy wisely:

  • In the garden, tend your perennials, trees and vines. Administer slow release fertilizers.
  • Consider how to make best use of the resources at your disposal. Make a list of actions you can take to become more self–sufficient.
  • Write or revisit your business/life plan or vision board. Think of ways in which you can work smarter rather than harder.
  • Connect with the animals – either your own pets or perhaps visit a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.
  • Accept full responsibility for everything in your life and for what you have created. What can you do today to take control of your life?
  • Read a biography or watch a film people you find inspirational. What can you learn from them?
  • Keep your bank account up to date. Update your passwords and check all your transactions.
  • Clear your desk; de–clutter.
  • Create clear boundaries – energetically, physically and personally. Check your fences, locks, screens, doors and windows.  Complete any repairs.

━═★ Suitable Crystals for Gridding ★═━

If you are gridding, suitable crystals to work with this Full Moon include: ruby, agate, amethyst, garnet, clear quartz, turquoise, blue lace agate, black tourmaline, magnetite/lodestone, peridot, smoky quartz, tiger eye, idocrase, azurite, blue aragonite, malachite, ocean jasper, fluorite, chalcopyrite.

━═★ Capricorn Moon of Dreaming ★═━

Capricorn Full Moon– I ask to share with you

The goals I have and what I wish to do.

I seek the strength to follow on through…

With ease and joy to get the ‘job’ done.

May all my intentions be heard and let them harm none.

━═★ Capricorn Magick ★═━

When the Moon is in Capricorn, you may feel incredibly sure–footed, focused and ready to take on the world to achieve your goals and dreams.  Alternatively, you may feel like a knock–kneed kid left trembling on a high mountain with no way off.  Magick, during a Capricorn Moon, is best when you rely on your tried and true methods.

A perfect time to buy or bless any magickal tools involving pentacles or objects you associate with Earth.

The Capricorn Full Moon is beneficial for magick concerning:

  • Scaling a challenge; turning mountains into molehills
  • Strengthening business and career goals
  • Releasing karmic ties; cord cutting
  • Setting boundaries
  • Strengthening resolve or purposeful intention
  • Life goals
  • Traditional Magick.

━═★ Capricorn Full Moon Healing Event ★═━

This healing list is FREE for any and all who wish to receive a Reiki (balancing energy) flow over the 72 hours of this distance healing event. The beauty of a healing event is that there is no need to ATTEND, only INTEND to benefit.

A Full Moon Healing event uses the energies of the full moon to help further personal and spiritual development. The easiest way to remember energetic healing is that it requires your permission. I have a crystal grid set up and the energy is programmed to be sent to and received by any who wish to receive.

Receiving the healing energy simply requires your permission.

You can do this by stating: I allow and receive all the healing energy I require to benefit my life and living.

Simple, yes?

You may choose to take the healing energies of the Full Moon this further by:

  • sitting in the moonlight and meditating
  • creating their own crystal grid
  • writing in their journal
  • looking after their own body – water, sleep and recreation
  • finding ways to express themselves
  • encouraging themselves to be aware.

To join the Capricorn Full Moon healing event, visit the event HERE.

May the Full Moon’s blessings be yours.

┊┊ <3 ~ Caithe •* <3  *•♫

Celticai Studio & Wiccan Walk in Oz


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