March Luna Tick Diary

Luna Tick DiaryMarch 2013

Feel the Rhythm of the Marching Waves – the March Luna Tick Diary for March

Namasté and Fàilte (welcome) to the month of March named after the Roman Warrior God Mars.  In the original Roman Calendar, March represented the beginning of Spring.  The sun warmed the Earth, the fields were less muddy and the food was plentiful.  An excellent time to begin the long battles and campaigns planned during the cooler months.

Whether you are entering Spring or Autumn, Mars ‘strides forward’ during March – urging you to challenge your own illusions, perceptions and arise as a Truth-Seeker. This is the energy of going boldly where you haven’t gone before!

Interestingly, this month is also assoicated with the astrological signs of Pisces Peacemakers and Aries Enactors (Aries is a Greek God also known as Mars!).  With energies strong, forceful and almost sneaky in their vibration, you have a choice of standing still, fighting the flow or allowing the currents take you where you need to go.

During 10 – 24 March, you have a ‘once in a civilisation’ opportunity to view a new visitor to our solar system. The origins of the comet are unknown although speculation abounds as to whether it comes from the original ‘Big Bang’.  As I write this, there is no name given to the comet although astronomers are stating the comet may possibly shine brighter than a full moon in the night time sky.  I wanted to name the comet ‘Sheldon’ as it will be knocking on your door.  Although some cultures view comets as ‘bringers of change’ (and not in a good way), Comet Unknown is here to help you wake up and SHINE.  Imagine the comet as the Silver Surfer – either catch and ride the wave or end up feeling incredibly uncomfortable as you try to get the sand out of your bathers.

Next, you will see the New Moon in Pisces begin to shine on 12th March.  You may feel a little sluggish, low and just wanting to take a break.  Like the Pisces Fish themselves, you may just want to rest and relax if you can – especially if Comet ‘Sheldon’ has you wearily wondering just what in heck will meet you when you open that door .  Pisces Moon encourages you to explore deep spiritual truths, the unknown, the depths of emotion.  Observe your own empotional depth – try to stay in the calm shallows and keep your head above water when you can!  Although you may wish to dig out your dirty laundry and wash it in Pisces’ waters, all you may end up doing is creating extra work for yourself. Instead, open the door and invite the energy in.  The cleansing action of the New Moon will illuminate, clear and release with ease – if you let it!

Keywords: Ebb and flow, completion, zero point, illuminate

Suggested Activity: Complete a project long overdue and then spend the rest of your day relaxing.  Help those emotions flow by reading a juicy novel, watching a tissue-grabbing movie, having a massage or going for a gentle walk on grassy fields.

March 20th-21st heralds the Equinox. This is a time of balance where day and night are equal.  Celebrate the turn of the seasonal wheel with Ostara in the Northern Hemipshere and Mabon in the Southern Hemipshere.

‎Equinox Blessings to you and yours

To our Lord and Lady ~ Mother Earth, Father Sky

We seek your blessing as this Equinox draws nigh

We proclaim our thanks for all you provide

For food, warmth, shelter, love supplied

Guide us swiftly to find our balance at core

Transform our light to flow and soar

Bless our homes, our friends, our hearth

Cycling gently with Gaia’s Wheel on Earth.

Within the Celtic Pantheon, March calls on Teutates (ancient Celtic God of wealth, war and abundance) and The Morrigan (Celtic Goddess of birth, death and battle).  Both dieties encourage seeking out new ground and finding the balance within.  Try to wake with the dawn and balance your activities throughout the day with equal amounts of work, rest and play.

The Full Moon in Libra reaches its zenith 26th -27th March.  You may feel as if you are being weighed, measured and adjusted as Libra’s Venus energy seeks spiritual and physical alignment.

With the Silver Surfer comet leaving the night sky only days before, this full moon provides a maximum ride opportunity.  Creative flow and communication will be heightened.  Be aware of Drama Queen energy running around as scales are balanced, anxieties arise and blood pressure goes through the roof. Keep your cool in the midst of all the crashing waves going on around you.  Remember the advice Bambi’s mother once said: “If you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all!”

Keywords: justice, balance, symmetry, socialising, diplomacy.

Suggested activities: Focussed healing for sacral chakra, skin and adrenal glands; set out your intentions for your relationships and partnerships; join a professional network or find a group of like-minded people; notice and appreciate the miracles around you; be the ‘voice of reason’ diplomatically, of course!

As you can see, March’s energy promises some wonderful opportunities to release and awaken.  Keep your awareness open and your ‘energetic surfboard’ ready  Ride the wave, dude!

Tìoraidh (cheerio!)

Caithe Cameron ~ The Celtic Mystic

With lots of laughter, light and loving energy, Caithe helps you find your true empowered self.  Find your light within.  Dream, believe and create the reality you desire.  Discover wellness and guidance through a variety of mediums – in person, remotely and through broadcasts on the internet’s Reflect Radio.

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