Leo Full Moon Healing

Leo Full MoonThe Full Moon reaches its zenith in Australia, UK, Asia, New Zealand and Europe on Sunday, 27th January and Saturday 26th January in America – Let’s look to the Moon, the Stars and the Tarot to learn more about the Leo Full Moon…It’s time to feed our inner Lion!

Leo Moon shine your light

Spark my soul

With Creative Delight

Align my vision

With all I see

Infinite as I truly be.

The sign of Leo is signified by the Strength card in the Tarot Deck.  Within this card you will see the physical power of the lion calmed by its calm conscious mistress, The Young Maiden.  This connection of two differing forces indicates a meeting and blending to create your own personal power.  When we stand in the energy of the Leo Full Moon, we call on our inner courage, vitality, determination and diligence while tempering this primal force with our universal consciousness, intuition and wisdom.

By using both aspects in a positive way, we can harness the raw energy of creation, set our course and proceed with self-confidence in knowing we are demonstrating our own integrity.

You may notice during this Full Moon period, a need for control, power, being obstinate or arrogant.   Intolerance and insensitivity may come to the fore through outburst of emotion.  Strive for balance this Full Moon – standing in your truth while being sensitive and diplomatic!

Working with the energy of the Leo Full Moon – so, what can you do to help?

Leo energises self-empowerment and leadership – now is a brilliant time to be refocusing on your resolutions, goals, projects and making the CHOICE to move forward! Create a vision board (if you haven’t already done so), make a plan and follow it!

Ask yourself and contemplate on these questions: Who do I want to be in this amazing time of possibility? Who do I want to be for myself, my family, my friends and my community?

Reflect on your relationship with your mother, being a mother or wishing to be a mother.  Leo is associated with fertility and birth – you may also find yourself with a rampant sex drive.  If you are in a physical relationship – have some fun!  If not, this is an opportune time to visualise and ask for your ideal partner!

Leo energy awakens the heart center – the heart chakra, skin, muscles and bones.

Re-discover joy and fun in your life – from simply enjoying a creative project to spending some time and money to go and see a dramatic/musical performance (or movie).

As a social sign, get out there into the public – socialise, network and encourage others by using your emotional intelligence!  Some may try to ego-bluff or puff out their chests during this period, give them AND YOU space before making decisions about their actions.

A full moon in Leo is a perfect time to enhance and use your unique creative expression.  Many believe the myth that they are not creative; leaving creative expression to the artists and the musicians.  All of us have a spark of creativity within.  After all, we are all created by the Creator!  Her light of creativity is in us all.  We may never see our creations in the public domain nor our name in lights, however the joy you can receive from seeing your own creations in your own home Is a true HIGH.

Other ideas –

*Take a sunbath

* charge up your inner light with activities YOU enjoy

* Express yourself by changing your mane – maybe a trim, a new colour, or some new hair accessories

Some correspondence for Leo Energy – The Archangel Ariel, Fire Opals, Dragons, Volcanoes, Goddesses – Pele, Brigit, Hestia and Vesta; Gods – Agni, Hephaestus, Horus and Vulcan (no not Spock!).

Remember: The full moon in Leo is very good energy for claiming power, increasing courage, inspiring generosity, fame, creativity, and good luck. The qualities of the moon are flashy and highly energetic. A good energy for big rituals, big projects. The energy can be used to expand oneself into the light.

Leo Full Moon poem and crystalsIf you missed the broadcast on Reflect Radio, you can connect with the free healing event in archive : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/reflectradio/2013/01/22/full-moon-healing-with-caithe

Enjoy the Full Moon.

May the moon bless your cycles within and around you


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